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How do we know that the sitting chair. But in this era of speed of development in the construction of new designs of furniture are the reasons why you may see many types of chairs in relation to their environment. There are different types of chairs to change according to your needs and style. Office chairs are used for worker comfort. As there are many kinds of chairs, but every chair has his own place of use. For example, an office chair (office chair) cannot be used at home or in a dentist chair, not a replacement for the wheelchair. Therefore, we plan in this chair, we will discuss some types of chairs.

Swivel chair:

Swivel or Revolving chair is not have three or four legs. Only one center leg that you rotate around the room. With the help of the wheels (lying on the base of the chair), the user can move the chair in his work area without having to get up. This is very common and generally used in modern offices.

Corner Chair:

In a corner of our room, a corner chair installed, since it has a high back with a rectangular base on two adjacent sides. A man with a sword is chair of this plan.

Adirondack chair:

A kind of chair that is in rural areas and outside preferred. Thomas Lee designed in 1903. He was on vacation, and was in those days in New York and Westport. There was no shortage of outdoor seating for the summer. To plan a chair, after cutting a single board, the original was Chairman of eleven pieces of wood. His back straight and trim, which were placed at an angle that feels better.

Electric chair:

In the history of the electric chair was used as a symbol for the deaths of prisoners and was used in the United States. Its first use in 1924 and the last were in 1976.

Club Chair:

It is a luxurious chair with your lower back. The parties have heavy weapons, which are often as high as the back. In the trendy clubs always find chairs without arms down, usually called stool.



It consists of two wheels. This is for people who cannot walk or suffering from an illness. With the help of this chair, the patient can move to wherever they go.

Barber chair:

Always used for the customer. Usually stapled to the floor. We can adjust the height of the current foot of the cat. You can also rotate back and forth to wash the hair. With the help of this chair, a barber or hair cut to ease your workload.

Folding chairs:

Basically, the folding chairs in areas where a permanent seat, it is not be possible. It is lightweight and portable chair can be folded easily. We can save a file or in a car.


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