Type Of  Recliner Armchair

Sitting in the lap of luxury is like sitting in a recliner armchair.
Soo nothing like a comfy leather recliner armchair or a good game chilled beer.
Recliner armchair can add a little factor to your room, soo don’t only feel great.
Many various of Recliner armchair by shapes and sizes from basic folding wooden reclining armchair to swanky leather recliners
To match your decor and style, they also available in different colour and upholstery.
You can choose from a cariety or recliner armchair depending on what your needs such as manual recliner, swivel recliner, electric armchair and massage recliner.

Their fatures are as following

Manual recliner:

features of this chair is two parts push arm reclining action
Just lean back and relax, this elevates the footrest to recline the chair
Push back on both arms and lean back to fully recline the chair when once the footrest is raised.
Just lean forward and push the footrest in to position with your legs to have a lower footrest back down

Swivel recliner:

It have features a 360 degree rotation
To recline the chair just lean back and relax that allows you to sit and face any direction

Electric armchair:

Mechanism of this chair features is operated electrically via a two button handset, hold the button located on the handset, and the chair will do the rest for you.
The advantage with this action is your can stop the footrest wherever you like and have it stay there.

Massage recliner:

It have features a 360 degree rotation
Massage recliner allows you to sit and face any direction such as firmly on the floor or either your feet elevated on the stool.
by a separate handset you can has a three point vibration massage system controlled with this armchair.
To set your choise, The massage points can be manually or automatically
You can tailor the massage to your specification by features intensity adjustment.

Electric riser recliner:

Electric riser recliner is the best for people who need a little help getting out of the chair
To use two button handset simple and easy, it has The Single Motor
Whatever be your style or need to fit your lifestyle and décor, you can definitely find a recliner armchair.

Type Of Recliner Armchair
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